You ask quite a bit of your smile: You need it to help you eat and speak, as well as keep your body healthy. And of course, you want it to look its best. For your smile to do everything you need it to do, you should see our dentists, Dr. Brett Barney and Dr. Jonathan Hall, regularly for dental cleanings and exams. This preventive care is crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth and smile throughout your life.

You should receive a dental cleaning and exam at least once every six months, though a more frequent schedule of visits may be recommended based on your individual needs. When you visit Desert Dental Group for this preventive care, our dentists and team will:

  • Thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar (also called calculus)
  • Floss and polish your teeth
  • Examine your teeth and gums for signs of cavities, periodontal disease or other developing problems
  • Take any necessary dental X-rays to check your teeth and supporting structures for problems
  • Provide any additional preventive treatments, such as dental sealants or fluoride, that may be needed

Our dentists and team may also review your at-home oral hygiene routine with you. While in-office preventive care plays a big role in keeping your smile healthy, nothing replaces a good home care routine. Brushing and flossing properly are crucial to keeping your mouth free from damaging dental problems, and we will work with you to make sure you know the best ways to care for your smile at home.

To schedule an appointment with our dentists and learn more about dental cleanings and exams in Tucson, Arizona, call Desert Dental Group today at 520-663-0419!