Instead of spending time surfing the web or searching the store aisles for a product to whiten your teeth, make one call for an appointment at Desert Dental Group! Dr. Brett Barney and Dr. Jonathan Hall provide in-office and take-home teeth whitening to brighten your teeth and make your smile shine! With our professional whitening treatments, you notice the difference in your smile after just one visit with our dentists.

Your teeth become stained and discolored over time due to a number of factors, including:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Foods and drinks that stain, including tea, wine, coffee, soda and certain berries
  • Use of tobacco products, including smoking
  • Illness and the use of certain medications
  • Fluorosis (excessive fluoride consumption)
  • The natural aging process

Professional teeth whitening is a simple, effective cosmetic treatment to enhance your smile. While over-the-counter products may whiten your smile a little over time, nothing produces the same beautiful results as a whitening treatment provided by our dentists. Our whitening treatments use a powerful whitening gel, which is applied to the surface of your teeth. This gel works to break up stains, discolorations and yellowing on the tooth enamel to improve the appearance of your teeth. With in-office whitening, this gel is activated by a special light. When you receive take-home whitening, the gel is placed into custom whitening trays, and as you wear these trays, the gel gradually lightens the color of your teeth.

To learn more about teeth whitening in Tucson, Arizona, and make your appointment with our dentists, contact us today at 520-663-0419. We look forward to helping you achieve a brighter smile!