An uneven gum line, or even an excess amount of gum tissue, can affect the appearance and health of your smile. Our dentists may recommend cosmetic gum shaping to improve the appearance of your gums and give you a healthier, more attractive smile.

Cosmetic gum shaping, also known as gingivectomy or crown lengthening, is a simple surgical procedure most frequently recommended to treat “gummy smiles.” A gummy smile is a smile in which the gums appear to be bulky or to come too far over the teeth, covering them up and making your teeth appear short or your smile uneven. Cosmetic gum surgery works by removing a small amount of gum tissue, evening out the gum line and revealing more of your tooth structure to give you a more aesthetically pleasing smile and overall appearance. This treatment can typically be completed in a single visit to Desert Dental Group.

This treatment may also be recommended for health reasons, such as making a restorative treatment possible in the case of a broken tooth or insufficient tooth structure. Our dentists will evaluate your gums and mouth thoroughly during your initial consultation to determine if cosmetic gum shaping is right for your smile and oral health needs.

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