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Why Should I Floss?

A lot of people view flossing as tedious, slow, and time-consuming, especially when it comes to doing it every single day. The question is, does it really matter if I clean between my teeth on a daily basis? Actually, the answer is yes—it’s extremely important to clean out the gunk between your teeth, especially if you want healthy teeth and gums. Even though it may not always be fun, flossing is an excellent way to clear daily buildup.

Throughout the day, plaque and particles from what you eat and drink build up around your teeth. This buildup can breed bacteria if it remains untouched, which can damage enamel, cause cavities, and can eventually lead to diseases like gingivitis, or in extreme cases, periodontitis. But don’t be afraid, because flossing can help prevent decay and other issues by keeping your teeth free of buildup and bacteria, sparing your mouth a lot of work in the future.

Flossing as well as brushing can keep old food particles out of your mouth, which may improve your breath and contribute to a clean, happy smile. Flossed teeth tend to appear cleaner since flossing removes the plaque that builds up between your teeth. Just by flossing, you can build confidence with your clean smile as you maintain a healthy mouth at the same time.

If you hate flossing and just can’t get around it, there are other options available to you. Toothpicks can clean plaque and buildup from around your gums, and there are electric and water flossers available to help encourage the habit as well.

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