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Oral Health Support: Oral Cancer Symptoms

One of the most devastating oral ailments that can arise is oral cancer. Oral cancer is diagnosed and found in over 40,000 Americans every single year, so it needs to be constantly checked for and treated as soon as possible if it is present. Make sure that every single morning you check your facial area for any indications that oral cancer may be present. Furthermore, visit your dentist for oral cancer screenings as necessary.

Several visual clues often arise as signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Issues within your mouth include the development of patches that can be multicolored. This can include velvety white, red or speckled patches. Other common visual clues include spots and crusts on your lip and gums, lumps and bumps, and swellings and sores within your mouth area. Furthermore, if you have a chronic sore throat or throat soreness that will not heal after two weeks or more, or that continually returns, it could be an indication of oral cancer. Other common causes of oral cancer include ear pain, dramatic weight loss, unexplained bleeding, and difficulty chewing and swallowing.

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