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Basic Information to Reduce Complications After Dental Extraction

There are a few unfortunate times when a tooth needs to be extracted at Desert Dental Group. This might be to treat a severely decayed tooth or a dental trauma or to address an overcrowding issue. After the extraction, you will need to apply basic care principles to reduce your chances of suffering undue complications.

If possible, you should avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. It’s also a good idea to eat soft foods to reduce the amount of effort on your jaw muscles. Staying hydrated is important for the recovery process. Just try not to drink through a straw as the suction could potentially open the incision.

If you are a tobacco user, this could be a good opportunity to consider a cessation program. The heat, tar and other chemicals it introduces to your mouth can easily irritate healing gum tissues, increasing recovery time and risk of infection.

You shouldn’t be alarmed if the gums at the incision site bleed a little the first few days after the extraction. When this happens, you can bite down lightly on some sterile gauze. Once the bleeding has stopped, you can then rinse your mouth clean with lukewarm saltwater.

Dr. Brett M. Barney might prescribe painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication to help with the discomfort. You should take these as directed.

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