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New Job, New Dentist: How to Pick the Right One in Tucson

Have you recently been hired by an employer in Tucson? Raytheon and Amazon in particular have been hiring talented individuals in large numbers lately. If so, let’s start with some congratulations! Starting off at a new workplace is always as exciting as it is promising.

In addition to the prospect of joining a growing team like Raytheon or Amazon, employment brings other benefits. Obviously, a paycheck is great, but don’t forget about medical benefits. In particular, you might have just gotten or will soon receive dental benefits. For many Americans, dental benefits are hard to come by, so this might be your first chance in a long while to pick a new dentist to care for your teeth while you’re employed in Tucson. Do you know who you are going to choose?

Picking a Dentist When Starting Your New Job

You will have your choices when it comes to picking a new dentist in Tucson after starting your new job. You might even see the business cards of different dentists hanging up in your breakroom at the Raytheon complex or the Amazon Distribution Center. How can you narrow in on the right new dentist for you, sparing you from having to bounce around among dental offices?

Consider a few things when picking your new dentist after starting your new job:

  • How many years of experience does the dentist have?
  • Is the dentist a local who cares about their community and patients alike?
  • Where is the dental office located? Is it convenient to get and leave there?
  • What sort of dentistry procedures can the dentist complete?

Here at Desert Dental Group, we believe we should be your first choice of dentists after starting a new job in Tucson for many reasons, including well-placed self-confidence. We have been providing top-quality dental care since 1999; we are locals who serve all of Tucson and the surrounding communities; we are a short drive away from most of Tucson’s burgeoning industrial and commercial centers; and, we can complete all types of dentistry procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry, general and family dentistry, restorative dentistry, and snoring or sleep apnea treatments.

Would you like to know more about our dental clinic in Tucson? Call us at (520) 201-1717. We would be happy to get you set-up as a new patient after starting your new job. Once again, congrats!