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Understand Why You May Need to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Here

Do you feel pain in your jaw? Do you wonder if removing wisdom teeth are the right option for you? If you answered yes to these questions, then you have come to the right place! Wisdom teeth are the very last of our teeth to come in as we draw closer to adulthood. With wisdom teeth appearing, many other problems can arise. Our dentist, Dr. Brett M. Barney with Desert Dental Group in Tucson, Arizona, understands the ins and outs of wisdom teeth, which is why we are happy to explain more about them.

To help you understand why you may need to remove your wisdom teeth, here are some simple facts about them:

-If there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth to erupt, your neighboring teeth may be forced out of ideal alignment causing your teeth to become crooked. Many orthodontists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth before any orthodontic treatment happens to avoid this problem.

-If your wisdom teeth become impacted after arrival, cysts can form around the impacted tooth, which can harm the root of your other teeth nearby, along with the bone in your jaw.

-Wisdom teeth can cause extreme pain as they pierce through your gums. If there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth to come in fittingly, the pain can also happen as it becomes impacted or jammed into another tooth.

-Gum disease can also arise when your wisdom teeth erupt because your gums become swollen, weak, sore, and damaged. Bacteria can exist in an open cut that leads to infections and trigger gum disease.

-Wisdom teeth can cause nasty infections because they cause your gums to bleed and create damage to your teeth.

As you can see, wisdom teeth can be a threat to your smile and oral health. If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, please feel free to call us at (520) 201-1717 and let us give you an evaluation to see the best course of action for you. Our team is always proud to help a smile in need.