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Preserve Your Smile by Avoiding Dental Trauma

Avoid Dental Damage

We want to help you maintain a healthy smile at Desert Dental Group by providing insight into how you can protect your oral health from dental trauma. Your daily routine of oral hygiene care should be compounded with preventive measures to reduce your risk of oral injury. We offer some lifestyle tips on preventing dental trauma from common tooth hazards.

For example, you should cease any habits of chewing on ice and pens or opening packages with your teeth so that you don’t accidentally lacerate your gums or crack, chip or fracture your teeth.

If you are often involved in energetic activities and contact sports, we encourage you to wear a sports mouth guard that prevents injury to the mouth and face if you are struck during a game. Please feel free to speak with our dentist about your mouth guard options.

Patients who struggle with a nightly habit of tooth grinding should seek treatment right away to prevent damage to the tooth enamel, such as chips and cracks. You may find that wearing a custom-made oral night guard is an effective way to safeguard your teeth during sleep so that you don’t sustain long-term tooth damage.

It’s a good idea to stock a first-aid kit with dental floss, topical anesthesia, toothbrushes and other oral hygiene items in case you suffer a sudden dental emergency.

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