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Dental Bridges: The Benefits

You may understand that missing a tooth can be somewhat embarrassing, but do you ever think about what you can do to replace a missing tooth? While there are quite a few options you could consider, please remember to consider the benefits of a dental bridge. You should also be aware that not everyone is a good candidate for dental bridges.

You see, a dental bridge is typically made of artificial teeth—also known as pontics. These pontics will be permanently attached to your permanent teeth. This useful dental restoration will restore your ability to speak and chew comfortably. Furthermore, you may want to consider another restoration treatment if you’re missing four or more consecutive teeth.

However, please be aware that you might not be a good candidate for a dental bridge if your mouth isn’t as healthy as it needs to be. You see, because bridges are attached to your existing teeth, your teeth need to be healthy enough to support the bridge. Unfortunately, you might need to consider a different treatment option if you are suffering from gum disease or tooth decay. While you may not think this issue applies to you, many people don’t realize they have this issue.

If you care for your dental bridge properly, it should last for ten or more years. Generally, you’ll need to floss and brush your teeth every day. You should also set up an appointment with our team every six months. If you’re interested in hearing more about getting a dental bridge in Tucson, Arizona, please feel free to contact Desert Dental Group at (520) 201-1717. Our dentist, Dr. Brett M. Barney, and our team look forward to meeting with you.