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Unmitigated Sleep Apnea Can Lead to Medical Complications

Sleep apnea is a chronic respiratory condition that affects an estimated 40 million Americans every year. It is often related to changes in the soft palate and other soft tissues that slip toward the back of the throat while sleeping. When this happens, the individual frequently snores. It can lead to breathing interruption and poor sleep quality. If it’s not addressed in a reasonable amount of time breathing interruption can gradually start to stress the heart muscle. This can lead to high blood pressure, as well as an increased chances of suffering heart disease, and stroke.

If you’ve been struggling with sleep apnea, you should have it professionally diagnosed by a physician. This is an important first step for determining the most effective treatment strategy. If it’s determined that you suffer from severe sleep apnea, you will likely need to sleep with a positive air pressure device like a CPAP machine.

If you only suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea, you might find significant symptom relief from a prescription snore guard provided by Dr. Brett M. Barney at his clinic in Tucson, Arizona. There are several different designs that he might recommend, depending on the specifics of your mouth, and your personal preference.

A tongue stabilizing device doesn’t need to attach to the teeth. This makes it a preferred option for denture wearers with sleep apnea.

Mandibular advance devices are available in a variety of different styles and designs. Most attach to the teeth in some manner and might also include a stabilizing hinge. This type of dental appliance is designed to hold your mouth and soft palate in the ideal position to allow easy passage of air, thus reducing snoring problems.

So-called boil and bite snore guards are made from a special thermoplastic material that softens when heated in water. Once it’s in its malleable state you bite down on it firmly. The snore guard material will then conform to the unique shape of your teeth before it hardens.

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