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When Root Canal Therapy May Be Needed

The pulp inside your pearly whites is comprised all the nerve endings, connective tissues and blood vessels of a tooth. It is responsible for keeping gums and other tissues supplied with minerals, sensing pain and pressure, and forming new dentin.

One tooth can still function without its pulp. But only as a last resort. Root canal therapy work by eliminating the pulp of a tooth that has been injured or diseased beyond any hope of repair. In this situation, it is removed to prevent infection from spreading to other parts of your mouth.

Most often, root canals are needed when a cavity has broken through the tooth’s enamel layer and allowed bacteria to enter – thus corrupting the pulp. Pulp damage can also happen when there is physical trauma to the tooth. Even cracks in teeth that are hidden to the naked eye can allow bacteria to seep into a tooth and damage it. During root canal therapy, the bacteria and decay are cleared out and the tooth is sealed to prevent any need for tooth extraction.

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